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december 22nd, 2006

Final round: TV7's weather presenter will be a viewer, elected by viewers

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Klipptoppen's weather presenter voting special

Today starts the voting for Aftonbladet TV7‘s weather presenter. Readers/viewers have been asked to send in video clips of themselves if they want to become the new face for the TV station’s weather forecasts.
Ten of them have been selected as finalists and have got the chance to try out presenting the weather forecast on Aftonbladet TV7. They’ve also been tested for weather knowledge… with a somewhat meager result. You can see the interviews and test films before voting.

The voting process takes the shape of popular video clip toplist Klipptoppen, where you view one clip at a time, then grade it. Klipptoppen is also made up of viewers’ video clips, and the toplist’s Christmas edition is in it’s final round right now.

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december 22nd, 2006

More on comments – Kevin Anderson's take

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

A couple of days ago I wrote about moderation and comments functions on news sites. In a related post, Kevin Anderson at Strange Attractor also writes about AZ starnet and about moderation, calling it ”one of the overlooked issues with community”. He also talks about internet trolls. And.. that you get the comments your content deserves.

When people ask me how blogs are different from forums, I say, ”The blogger sets the tone”. I sort of joke when doing blog training for journalists that if you write a post like a pompous ass, people will respond accordingly. I’m only half joking. Yes, the technology will help you manage the comments and help foster the community, but unless you look at your content as well, you’re going to be fighting a losing battle against the trolls.

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