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december 27th, 2006

Wishes for 2007

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

I got blog-tagged by Beta Alfa. The task at hand was to list five things that I hope or know will happen in 2007. Preferably both in the personal sphere and in a wider perspective, as I got it.

Here’s my list, though I’m sure if I had given it more thought I might have come up with five different things. I focused on my hopes for the year to come.

1. I’d like to get a chance to travel beyond Europe and Northern America. Though I’ve been to quite a few countries, most of them have been in the western world. I want to get a new perspective.
2. I hope for a breakthrough in the environmental struggle. That the world leaders start taking environmental issues seriously and that research leads to new and better environment-friendly products.
3. To keep being creative and to get new inspiration, whatever expression it wants to take. I want to keep on photographing a lot, expressing myself through creative writing, writing this blog, my blog on creative writing and my personal blog and keep enjoying it. Also to get creative challenges at work.
4. That traditional media and the blogosphere start talking less in terms of we and you and more in terms of us. I hope – and I believe this will happen, though perhaps only in small steps during 2007 – that journalists will step off their high horses and start interact much more with their readers, and invite them to contribute in a whole new way. And I also hope that the understanding and appreciation of the journalistic craft becomes greater in the blogosphere.
5. The last one’s private, though I felt I couldn’t exclude it, so I guess I’ll just have to be secretive about that one.

I pass the torch on to:
Annica Tiger, Gunnar R Johansson, Fredrik Wackå, Erik Stattin and Hans Kullin

december 27th, 2006's top eight viral videos for 2006

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

In a press release dated dec. 27, Oskar Kalmaru, CEO of Swedish video clip site, lists the most viral videos for 2006. His observations of the trends (my translation):

A common factor for the most viral videos is that they are quite silly and pointless. Sometimes in combination with the people featured in the clip make fools of themselves.

Here’s the toplist:

1. Being Peder Fogstrand, part 1, part 2, part 3. A total of 280.000 views.

2. The Stureplan elite – the in crowd at Stockholm’s Stureplan about the highlights of summer. 230.000 views.

3. Self-proclaimed glamor princess videoblogs here, here and here. A total of 160.000 views.

4. Lotto commercial ”Men snälla Åke” – a Swedish classic. 90.000 views.

5. Swedish lyrics to the Soviet national anthem. 88.000 views.

6. Pick up expedition in downtown Stockholm – trying out different pick-up lines. 60.000 views.

7. Moderaterna party campaign film Mahogny-Mats. 56.000 views.

8. Baby William laughing – this one was also a hit on YouTube. 37.000 views.

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december 27th, 2006

Social networking site for creative people

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

”It’s not just your space”, states social networking site Humble Voice, focusing on creative people within the fields of music, video, photography, art and words. It would have deserved a place among Mashable’s hot for 2007 Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks, I think.

Humble Voice is a community of artists and those who appreciate them.

When you sign up you get to pick whether you’re a 1) Musician, 2) Videographer, 3)Photographer, 4) Artist, 5) Writer or 6) Relatively normal person with possibly no artistic talent.

I created an account to try it out. The site has a nice look and feel to it. A sense of smallness which is appealing. In the long run, I believe more in interest-focused networking sites like this one than the general ones.

(via Ichigo noterat)

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december 27th, 2006

New book on social media – and you can help

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Shel Israel is writing a new book on social media and how it’s moving power from institutions to people: ”Global Neighbourhoods”. And he wants your help making it good, publishing excerpts excerpts and chapters as he edits them and asking for input. Currently he’s working on the third version of the overview.

My thanks for your input on the previous version. You have in fact forced me to see this book more clearly than I previously did, and perhaps more clearly than Scoble and I did when we began the journey that became Naked Conversations.

Please do it again. This will be my final posting of this overview as I move on to the Table of Contents (TOC). Your changes will appear i it when I post the final TOC. Please coent on the tagline which has also been changed. So please give me your best shot.

(via Scobleizer)

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december 27th, 2006

Top social networks of 2006

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Mashable has listed the top 12 – or 26 if you include the people’s choice which of course you should – social networks of 2006 and some that are ”hot for 2007”. Lots of useful/interesting links in this post.

My personal favourites among all those mentioned are (in no particular order): Flickr,,, YouTube, Twitter, LibraryThing and MyBlogLog. Or, those are the ones I use and enjoy – there might be more qualified entries that I simply don’t know enough about.

These are all the winners and hot-to-be:s.

Mainstream and Large Scale Networks
Mashable’s Choice: MySpace
People’s Choice: Multiply
Hot for 2007: Bebo, Vox, Facebook, Facebox

Widgets and Add-Ons
Mashable’s Choice:
People’s Choice: Zwinky
Hot for 2007: RockYou, Stickam, Snocap, Zingfu, MyBlogLog

Social News and Social Bookmarking
Mashable’s Choice: Digg
People’s Choice: Trailfire
Hot for 2007:, StumbleUpon, Blinklist

Sports and Fitness
Mashable’s Choice: FanNation
People’s Choice: Takkle
Hot for 2007: SportsVite, Ultrafan

Photo Sharing
Mashable’s Choice: Flickr
People’s Choice: Twango
Hot for 2007: Zooomr, Webshots, ImageShack, Tabblo, Pickle, BubbleShare

Video Sharing
Mashable’s Choice: YouTube
People’s Choice: Gotuit
Hot for 2007: Metacafe, Motionbox, Revver, vSocial, StupidVideos,, iFilm, Eyespot

Mashable’s Choice: Netvibes
People’s Choice: Pageflakes
Hot for 2007: YourMinis, Protopage, Webwag

Places and Events
Mashable’s Choice: Yelp
People’s Choice: CollegeTonight
Hot for 2007: MingleNow, HeyLetsGo, Planypus, ILCU (and others)

Mashable’s Choice:
People’s Choice: ReverbNation, MOG
Hot for 2007: Pandora, YourSpins, Rapspace, ProjectOpus, iLike, Splice, MusicHawk and More

Social Shopping

Mashable’s Choice: Etsy
People’s Choice: ThisNext
Hot for 2007: Crowdstorm, Kaboodle, ShopWiki, StyleFeeder

Mashable’s Choice: Twitter
People’s Choice: Wadja
Hot for 2007: Friendstribe, JuiceCaster, Zingku, Moblabber, Zemble, Veeker, Treemo

Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks
Mashable’s Choice: Flixster
People’s Choice: Dogster, LibraryThing
Hot for 2007: SneakerPlay, MothersClick, Motortopia, Minti, ComicSpace, Curbly, MyChurch, Ziki, VeryLiberating, ITtoolbox, Fanpop, ShareYourLook, FamilyThrive, Blubrry, innerTee, Listal, ConnectingMoms, FirstGiving, RealityAllStarz, CafeMom, BeGreen, AdFemme, Dianovo, eLifeList, CampusBug, SnehaH, HumanOpinion, MerchantCircle, Barrio305, GenevaOnline, MDJunction

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