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februari 23rd, 2007

Investigative journalism from a Swedish blogger

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Swedish blogger Pawal at Datasvammel made the headlines of several of the major news media in Sweden Wednesday, when he revealed that Swedish State television uses a UK service to filter their incoming email. There’s a current debate about data surveillance in Sweden, since the government wants to increase the possibilities for Försvarets radioanstalt, FRA (the radio surveillance dept. of the Swedish military defence), to ”listen in” on email and phone conversations to and from other countries.
The proposition has received a lot of critisism. The government says the objective is to fight terrorism, but critics claim that the proposition is a threat to our personal integrity. Some call it a ”1984 proposition”.

With this as background, Pawal writes that SVT sending its email traffic through the UK becomes extra worrying since the focus of the surveillance will be on traffic outside Sweden’s borders.
Also other countries can spy on email traffic if its sent outside of Sweden.
Pawal continues (my translation):

When you explicitly send unencrypted emails via a foreign country you cannot have given personal integrity a thought. It’s easy to draw the conclusion that they ought to encrypt all emails that are the least bit sensitive. We’ve known this for a long time, but so far the there’s been a limited risk of being surveilled within Sweden.

The other day I got interviewed about investigative journalism in blogs, and could come up with few examples of this in Sweden. I’m glad to be given one so soon.
Following Pawal’s post, the Swedish Journalists’ union has urged the parliament to turn down the proposition, blogger Calle Lidström has revealed that a number of Swedish newspapers also send their emails abroad, and Pawal writes in a follow-up post that there’s a rumour about SVT employees not even being allowed to encrypt their email.
There’s a law in Sweden that prohibits the investigation into a journalist’s sources. One wonders how to avoid scanning media emails if this proposition is taken. Especially if those emails are a part of an international data communication.

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februari 23rd, 2007

One in 2000

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom


I like visual aspects of surfing blogs, and I like to see faces. That’s why I introduced the ”blog spin” on Läsarbladet, a small flash banner displaying random faces from Aftonbladet’s blog community and linking to their blogs.

The “blog spin” at Läsarbladet

I also use MyBlogLog where I get to see the faces of visitors to my blogs, and show mine whenever I visit other MyBlogLog users’ sites.

In this spririt, Tino Buntic started the 2kBloggers project.

55 million blogs…
I’d like to showcase all of them, but I’ve settled on just 2000 bloggers.
Bloggers come from all walks of life! Some are SEO experts. Some are writers. Some are sports enthusiasts. Some are affiliate marketers. Some are business professionals. Some are political. ALL HAVE OPINIONS!!!

On the 2000 bloggers site, he’s displaying and linking to 2000 bloggers who have signed up to be included. I’m in there with a link to this blog. Here’s the montage of all the bloggers’ photos.
I think it’s a nice way to get a bit more personal.

There’s also a Buddymapping map for the 2kBloggers. Oddly enough we’re only tree people on it.


februari 23rd, 2007

Aftonbladet Plus subscribers invited to upload videos to "Mitt klipp"

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Mitt klippAftonbladet‘s new video clip site ”Mitt klipp” (”My clip”) is up and running. Now members of the paid subscription service ”Plus” can upload videos. Anyone can visit the site and look at the clips.

I see this as the next step from the successful video clip toplists such as ”Klipptoppen”, ”Bebistoppen” and ”Resatoppen”.

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