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december 2nd, 2020

Agreement On Conformity Assessment And Acceptance

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The competence of all compliance assessment agencies to be notified must be demonstrated; Responsibility for the development of the ACAA by countries and regions, including fact-setting, needs analysis, implementation planning, including monitoring legislative harmonization and infrastructure development, and monitoring implementation. This includes assessing the implementation of horizontal legislation and its implementation. The clearest solution is to first adopt and implement the EU`s horizontal legislation and to include certain sectors, and then the sector`s expertise in assessing the sectoral rules implemented. 2. This agreement may be amended by the written agreement of the parties. Any changes or additions of schedules are made through the joint committee. (e) review of new or additional compliance assessment procedures for an annex area; Unless the joint committee decides otherwise, the agency`s notification and recognition of its jurisdiction to assess compliance with the requirements of Community or national law are suspended, in whole or in part, in accordance with the annexes, from the date on which disputes between the contracting parties were communicated to the Chair of the Joint Committee. The EU proposal is for an agreement under which the EU and the US accept the compliance assessment results of other assessment bodies and certify the products in accordance with the legal requirements of the other party. This would allow exporters to apply for certification of their products in their home countries. Potential countries should have a general agreement with the EU, whether it is an association, partnership or free trade agreement, which contains provisions to promote the country`s use of EU technical rules and EU standards on industrial products and certification procedures. Equally important is the participation of ACAA countries in the ongoing work of international accreditation bodies. For example, countries that are not members of the EEA or are not candidates for EU membership may enter into cooperation agreements with the European Accreditation Cooperation (EA). It is also possible for them to conclude bilateral agreements with the same content as multilateral agreements (EA) for EA members.

Such agreements already exist, for example with South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Cooperation agreements are in principle available to all countries with the ACAA. (f) any action relating to the review, suspension or withdrawal of industrial products that are mutually accepted in accordance with Article 4 of the Protocol. (a) mutual recognition of industrial products listed in the ”Mutual Acceptance of Industrial Products” annexes and meeting the legal marketing requirements in one of the contracting parties; Context Compliance Assessment is the process of verifying a product`s compliance with all legal requirements to be sold in a given country. It ensures that the product is safe and compliant with the applicable rules.

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