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december 4th, 2020

Best Practices For A Compliant Aligned Professional Services Agreement

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Third, performance incentives in PPE are often irreconcilable or non-existent with those of physicians employed. Inconsistent and non-aligned incentives create difficulties in achieving the objectives of the organization and service lines. In many cases, the effect of poorly targeted incentives also undermines the ability of health systems to develop and implement supply and payment strategies that meet the challenge of reducing reimbursement and transfer to a more cost-enhancing environment. While a traditional employment agreement may include a large number of payment approaches, PPE is generally based on the productivity they have performed, primarily to avoid any concern that physicians have a share of ownership in the organization that provides the designated health services (”DHS”) in accordance with the Stark Act.3 The most used (and probably the most worthy) form of assistance is the use of work units (”wRVUs”). The wRVUs not only refer directly to the physician`s workload, but also allow the hospital to increase the rate for taxes and benefits as well as the practice costs withheld (i.e. bad behaviour insurance, CME fees, etc.). , there is potential for: we assume that health care professionals who read this article will probably not need a more in-depth study of the benefits of acquisition or the factors that drive private equity systems and companies to purchase practices. Instead, we want to use this Coker connection to highlight some of the off-use options that practices and systems can use to achieve better results. There are signals in the market that independent practices are not decreasing as much as the above articles suggest.

It was only last October, at the mgMA 2018 annual conference, that a group of doctors shared some of the unintended consequences – increased costs, withdrawal of doctors, flat or declining results – of this flow of acquisitions, predicting that independent practices could return in the near future. [3] So whether our readers come from large systems, private equity firms or private firms, we hope that this piece will serve as a productive reminder that employment is not the only option to track the alignment between doctors and hospitals or health systems.

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