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december 5th, 2020

Cdp Depository Agent Agreement

Posted by lotta

Each custodian compensates each of the custodians, their affiliates, SGX RegCo, any person or corporation within the meaning of Rule 1.1.4 and its executives, directors, employees, representatives and representatives (”compensated persons”) and compensates them for all costs, Expenses (including legal and client expenses), expenses, liabilities, taxes, taxes, losses, fines, fines, penalties, losses and damages suffered directly or indirectly by one of them under or in the following cases, unless the losses and damages are directly caused by the custodian`s failure to act in good faith or by an act of negligence or fraud resulting from the following cases. CDP owns on its behalf none of the custodians, its affiliates, SGX RegCo, a physical entity or organization covered by Rule 1.1.4, or its directors, executives, employees, representatives or representatives (the ”persons concerned”) are liable for losses or damages that may be incurred by a depositor or account holder or sub-account; nor be held responsible for non-compliance or delay in complying with an obligation or obligation, in accordance with or in accordance with these CDP rules, resulting directly or indirectly from a reason, cause or contingency that is not properly controlled by the person concerned, including (without restriction) natural disasters, war or terrorism or the failure, suspension or disruption of a relevant stock market, clearing system or stock market. The filing has the right to designate agents and service providers, including custodians, custodians and custodians, and to use clearance systems, and may delegate to that person the exercise of his rights, powers and discretion and/or the performance of his duties or obligations under those CDP.

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