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december 7th, 2020

Elrc Collective Agreement

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OHCHR is involved in initiatives to avoid conflict in the public education sector. This process will be achieved by facilitating the process of constructive collective bargaining between educators` unions and the Ministry of Education as an employer. If there is no agreement or approval of the application for work from home, the appeal procedure is activated in Chapter G of the Personnel Management (PAM) document. 2. What if my condition is not considered a high risk by the Department of Health? No no. This is not a request for leave, but an application for a concession for work at home or in a safe work environment without risk to the health of workers. That is why educators are expected to fit their essential functions. 5. Will these concessions apply only for the remainder of the year or 2021? Concessions under collective agreement 1 2020 apply only for the duration of the Member State`s alert levels 3 and 2 in the event of a disaster following COVID-19.

Once the download is complete, go to the selected directory and click the file again with the right mouse button. Select the ”Open with” option and select ”Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.” . 7. Are educators on leave and must they fill out leave forms? Please note that some of the old conventions are available in TIFF format and can only view the first page after opening. In order to properly consult the file, please consider the following steps: The physician treating the teacher should explain that the teacher`s condition makes him vulnerable to infection. Appendix A must be completed for this purpose. . In accordance with security protocols for the education system, one of the main HR concerns of the HR pandemic is to ensure the safety of comorbid educators. . Yes, you can.

As long as the physician treating the educator can present medical evidence that the condition of the educator falls within the category of comorbidities defined by the Ministry of Health, regardless of the age of the educator. The head of the department may apply to the Health Risk Officer or health professional for further assessment for up to 30 calendar days. The educator may stay and/or work at home at full pay pending the outcome of the Health Risk Manager or a health professional. If a teacher is 60 years of age or older, without comorbidities and concerned about his health, the educator cannot stay or work from home without permission. . The educator is required to complete Schedule A. Such an application must be submitted for decision to the relevant Ministry of Education. Click the right mouse button on the ”Download file” button and select ”Save the destination under.” Download the file in any directory – (example: personal documents, office, etc.) The agreement contains a protocol on the management of teachers with underlying diseases (comorbidities) in the school system.

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