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december 12th, 2020

Microsoft Action Pack Agreement

Posted by lotta

Is this the action pack for us? How can I migrate from MSDN subs sold by third parties to Action Pack? Editor`s Note: Due to the negative reaction of partners to these changes, Microsoft announced on July 12 that it was abandoning plans to end the advantage of internal user rights. See the RCP report here. To acquire a Microsoft action pack, you must meet the requirements of your Microsoft partnership agreement, recognize the partners` code of conduct, and complete partner code of conduct training. Connect with help and options to get support for partner, presales, products, agreements, billings, services and development programs. However, an Action Pack subscription doesn`t need to be won, you only receive a free MPN subscription, and then purchase the Action Pack subscription whenever you want. As with MSDN (Now Visual Studio Subscriptions), Action Pack 3 contains custom professionals that have been modified specifically for MAPS users. The Visual Studio Professional (MPN) subscription does not include Azure DevOps services benefits, Azure DevTest individual credits, technical support and training available with commercially available Visual Studio subscriptions. For more information, see: Buy or renew Microsoft Action Pack offers – Partner Center Microsoft Docs It is intended to help you start your business, with access to exclusive training and marketing materials, in addition to all the software licenses you might need to get started. For example, Microsoft Action Pack partners first get five seats from Microsoft 365. Partners get five additional seats if they sell at least 25 M365 seats in the past 12 months. Microsoft has a well-kept secret, the Microsoft Action Pack.

The Action Pack subscription costs $475 a year and some of its benefits are: Some Windows Server and Windows 10 licenses for our business (workstations, CI, demo environment, …) @Microsoft: Why is it so difficult to know what`s in these things? More information on this topic can be found on the corresponding MS documentation page. When it comes to map requirements/conditions, you must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) before you can purchase an Action Pack subscription. The MPN subscription is free, even if you need to fill out a lot of digital paperwork. ”From October 1, 2019, licenses for competent products are specific to the specific competency you acquire. Please check the benefits you get with your skill in the Partner Center at the time of purchase. Additional licenses can be acquired through commercial licensing to run your business,” he added. An action pack is just one way to improve your partnership.

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