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december 13th, 2020

Northeast Regional Council Of Carpenters Collective Bargaining Agreement

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The New England Regional Council of Carpenters (NERCC) is pleased to announce that Lyle Hamm, Executive Director of the New England Carpenters Training Fund (NECTF), has accepted a senior technical coordinator position at the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC). In August, he will begin working as senior technical coordinator at the union`s International Training Centre (ITC) in Las Vegas. Fischer is a 32-year-old union member. He is currently the technical coordinator of the NECTF. Hamm is a 34-year-old Brotherhood member who was appointed Executive Director of NECTF in 2011. NeRCC Executive Secretary Tom Flynn thanked Hamm for his work with NECTF and wished him well in Las Vegas. We are very pleased with Lyle`s talent and success here in New England, recognized by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters,” he said. ”He was offered a huge opportunity, and we are confident that our loss will be a huge win for UBC.” Bill Maheris of the Construction Employers Association, who is co-chair of the NECTF, said the board was also pleased that Fischer had taken over as CEO. ”Tom brings extensive experience in construction, education, program development and administration.

We believe that its unique combination of skills will benefit our trainers, union members and employers, who depend on the skills and professionalism that our programs develop. Fischer has extensive experience as a commercial and residential carpenter and nearly twenty years of experience as a teacher and administrator both at high school and at new England Carpenters Training Fund.At Hopedale High School, was a professor of engineering and design, and also served as Head of Unified Arts Department and Program Coordinator. He worked with the Massachusetts Department of Education and Secondary Schools as a member of the Evaluation Development Committee and assisted the department in reviewing and developing MCAS test questions and evaluation topics to ensure adaptation to Massachusetts school curriculum frameworks and MCAS performance standards. For the past sixteen years, he has been an instructor at NECTF, with certifications to teach many areas as part of the program.

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