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december 14th, 2020

Office Building Management Agreement

Posted by lotta

Victims. Many leases have clauses that allow the landlord to terminate the lease after a small accident involving the building, while your offices are quite usable. This clause gives the owner the opportunity to force you into a rising market or force you to renegotiate unrelated parts of your lease before he agrees to repair the damage. K. Neither this agreement, nor any provision of this agreement, nor any service, relationship or other matter alluding to it, are in favour of a third party (with the exception of a successor or beneficiary of the transfer of the owner and director, as envisaged here) to a bankrupt agent, to a beneficiary of transfer to creditors, to a bankruptcy administrator as a result of the insolvency , to another director who represents a bankrupt or bankrupt estate of one of the parties, or to creditors or plaintiffs in such an estate. Without restricting the universality of the above sentence, it is explicitly understood and understood that the insolvency or bankruptcy of one of the parties must be agreed upon, on the right of the other party who, under the latter (or how many of those rights, as the other party does the annulment), nullifies all the rights of that bankrupt or bankrupt party, unless it receives funds that are dependent on the bankrupt party. 4. Director`s duties. Over the life of the life, the Administrator undertakes to make his economically reasonable efforts in the leasing, maintenance, operation and management of the property and, in this regard, to fulfill the obligations set out in this section 4 at the owner`s expense, unless expressly provided for in this agreement and, if there are currently available means available. , directly or indirectly made available by the owner to enable the administrator to fulfill these obligations.

During the life of the life, the Manager is committed to providing his best efforts in the leasing, maintenance, operation and management of the property and, in this context, to comply with the obligations defined in this section 4, in accordance with the owner`s instructions. For some types of features, it may be helpful to define a level or type of service to be expected from the manager.

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