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december 14th, 2020

Opseu Collective Agreement Joseph Brant Hospital

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For more information on non-hospital positions in the Hospital Health Care Professionals Division (OPSEU) bargaining units, click here. Maintaining consistent communication with your supervisor throughout the disability or injury process is extremely important. Certificate of illness/injury after the 3rd day of absence. The Sickness/Injury Certificate, based on a model developed by the Ontario Medical Association`s Labour and Health Commission, provides the information we need to help employees stay away. Similarly, after the fifth day of absence, a medical leg certificate (previously known as the treating physician statement) is required. This form is required in accordance with the Ontario Hospital`s Income Plan (HOODIP) to support overall disability and sickness benefits. The results of a staff member requesting modified or alternative work when the corresponding or requested medical documents are provided when necessary lead to the sickness package. Presentation to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economics See photos of professionals from the OPSEU hospital at the health coalition rallies from January 18 to 22. A medical leg certificate issued by the employee`s treating physician is required in case of sick leave: MCD: ONA – Hired before January 1, 2006MCD: CUPE, OPSEU, NON-UNION, ONA – renewed after January 1, 2006 and/or an operation is performed (to return a staff member to work).

Providing medical proof of disability for staff health services Medical expenses charged to assist absences are reimbursed, provided they are satisfactory to the employer and have received proof of payment.

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