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april 12th, 2021

Short Form Professional Services Agreement

Posted by lotta

People in Canada and Canadians outside of Canada are bound by economic sanctions imposed by Canada. As a result, the Canadian government cannot accept the provision of goods or services directly or indirectly from countries or persons subject to economic sanctions. The licensee is not exempt from payment by LAP under the derogatory licence numbers or exemption certificates mentioned above. The holder must pay the TSP for taxable goods or services that are used or consumed during the performance of the contract (in accordance with applicable provincial laws), including equipment incorporated into real estate. Regardless of the validity of the contract, the contract is conditional on the contractor setting up security assistance at the level provided for the assignment of work. The licensee takes all necessary measures to ensure that the work, in accordance with the terms of the contract, meets all the requirements of this level of safety. The Minister may review the contractor`s premises, documents and documents at any time to ensure that the contractor meets the security requirements of the contract. The contractor cannot provide the Canadian government with goods or services subject to economic sanctions. The amount claimed in the contract is subject to state review both before and after payment. The contractor must properly account for the costs of carrying out the work and keep all documents relating to these costs for six (6) years after receiving the final payment in accordance with the contract. The contractor must comply with changes in the rules imposed during the duration of the contract. The contractor immediately notifies Canada if it is unable to perform the work due to the imposition of economic sanctions against a country or person or the listing of a property or service on the list of sanctioned goods or services. If the parties are unable to agree on a plan, the contract is terminated for the benefit of Canada pursuant to Section 19.

The contractor must comply with all the laws applicable to the performance of the contract. The contractor must prove to Canada that he or she is complying with these laws at a time when Canada is reasonably in a position to require. With the exception of legal exceptions, federal government departments and agencies are not required to pay a value-added tax to be paid to the Land where taxable goods or services are delivered. This waiver was granted to federal government departments and authorities under the control of one of the following services: the contractor is responsible for carrying out the work as an independent contractor in Canada. Neither the contractor nor his staff are employees, agents or agents of Canada. The contractor is responsible for all deductions and transfers prescribed by law for its staff. The treaty is the whole and only agreement between the parties. The contractor may terminate the contract or part of the contract at any time prior to the completion of the work for contract reasons. In this case, the contractor is paid for work performed, accepted and not paid in accordance with the contract price. The contractor has the right to reimburse the actual costs in a reasonable and regular manner following the termination, but under no circumstances should this refund exceed the contract price.

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