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april 12th, 2021

Sms Agreement

Posted by lotta

15.2 Full agreement. These CGs, together with the MSA and all the annexes/exhibitions/additional agreements attached to the MSA, constitute the whole agreement and agreement reached between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replace all other agreements, proposals, declarations, sales documents and guarantees, written or written. No oral or written information or advice from MMDSmart, its agents or employees will create a guarantee or in any way increase the scope of the guarantees contained in the agreement. Sms Hubbing operates with the same concept of language connectivity model: instead of relying on expensive and multiple individual agreements, language traffic passes through telehouses, which are essentially language hubs. Similarly, many operators connect to hubs to transmit MMS messages to address the many interoperability issues with this messaging technology. The aim of SMS Hubbing is to simplify the sms interworking system by replacing much of the non-productive and identical investments in international agreements traditionally concluded by mobile operators. In addition, Hubbing SMS aims to provide a higher level of service to SMS, by introducing continuous quality of service through service level agreements (SLAs). SMS Hubbing enables extensive international SMS coverage for mobile operators (”customer operators”) by connecting to independent hubs that have multiple agreements with other operators and can thus transmit messages on behalf of customer operators. The terms of this contract do not complement or replace other agreements that apply to and do not replace your accounts with us. Reporting and compensation obligation: If you intend to terminate the mobile phone number used for the subscription to the program, including the termination of your service plan or the sale or transfer of the phone number to another party, you agree to complete the user optimization process described above before terminating the use of the mobile phone number. You understand and consent that your consent is an essential part of these terms and conditions.

You also agree that if you stop using your mobile phone number without informing us, you agree that you will be responsible for all costs (including legal fees) and debts that are ours, we or any party that assists us in the delivery of mobile messages, because of the claims of the people to whom this mobile phone number will be subsequently assigned. This obligation and this contract apply to any cancellation or termination of your participation agreement in any of our programs. While SMS interoperability is limited to bilateral interwork/roaming agreements between operators, it is unlikely that the full international reach of SMS will be achieved through the implementation of an increasing number of agreements, which are tedious and costly.

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