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april 12th, 2021

Standard Access Agreement Dbct

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DBT`s regulatory framework is reflected in a CAQ-approved access company (UA), which defines the conditions for access to the terminal, as well as in a standard access agreement (SAA) whereby customers enter DBT. Parties applying should refer to the Commission`s guide to submit certification applications and provide a certification guide, which is available below. Submissions should be sent to the Commission in a softcopy (MS Word and PDF) to with a printed copy to: Attachment 1 – Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997 (PDF, 848KB) Guide to filing a certification application (PDF, 419KB) DBT`s regulatory regime is supported by its contractual framework designed to minimize exposure to volume risk, loss of users and non-payment by users. The Queensland Treasurer is responsible for the management of the CAQ Act, which contains a statement on DBT services. The current declaration on DBT was renewed for a further 10-year period in June 2020 and expires in September 2030. Appendix 3 – Transportation InfrastructureBook 1994 (PDF, 1.97MB) Submissions – DBCT National Competition CouncilGPO Box 250Melbourne VIC 3001 After reviewing bids for the application, the Commission will issue a draft recommendation and provide a new opportunity to issue a public opinion before giving its final recommendation to the Minister of The Commonwealth. Application for certification, December 2010 (PDF, 3.23MB) . Appendix 2 – Calendar – Standard User Agreement (PDF, 434KB) The access company is controlled by the CAQ every five years. The current AU expires on July 1, 2021.

. Among the main risk reduction mechanisms currently reflected in the AU and the ASA are:.

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