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januari 22nd, 2007 marries YouTube, and they're a great pair

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

I recently discovered, a mashup that lets you fill in your username (or someone else’s), and then watch music videos from YouTube based on your taste in music.
This is how the site presents its service: matches videos based on artist names. Besides retrieving premium music videos, this also turns up live performances, bootlegs, interviews and fan interpretations. This is unique content which would never be aired on regular music video channels.

I’m a big fan of, and while doesn’t offer any interactivity apart from a forum link to, and not even an RSS feed, it’s a great complement to Though at times it’s a bit random – I just got to watch Superman vs. Clark Kent. Sure, great fight, but .. no music! And what in my profile could have trigged that one?

Yesterday I wrote about the decline of MTV. Interestingly enough, also mentions the music channel.

We have two major complaints about traditional music video channels. MTV, to name one, spends significant parts of its airtime broadcasting regular programming. We think a music video channel should play music videos.

YouTube with its vast array of (music) videos serves as a good solution to the broadcast media problem. Your choice in videos when you want them. Having to select music videos is at the same time a major inconvenience. automates selection and provides effortless continuous play.


januari 21st, 2007

Swedish YouTube clone to share half its profits with users

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Tubearound.comA few days ago, yet another YouTube clone was launched in Sweden, though this time in English and targeted to an international audience. The site is called Tubearound, and what makes it stand out among the other clones is the statement by founder Andreas La Torre Ek that he will share half of the profits with the site’s users. La Torre Ek says to Dagens Media (my translation):

The money will be shared in proportion to the number of pageviews the user’s clips have generated. The site has only been up for a few days, but it’s growing rapidly every day. Among others, Djurgården’s (Sw. soccer team, my remark) fanclub Järnkaminerna has chosen Tubearound for their exclusive channel for movie clip uploads.

This is provided that the site indeed makes a profit. Tubearound hopes that the promise of sharing the money will help draw users from YouTube and other similar services.
If the name Andreas La Torre Ek sounds familiar, it might be because he founded, a site where you could buy ad space on a person’s body.

Previous posts about Swedish YouTube clones: announces award to best video clip
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Swedish YouTube clone goes tv show

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januari 21st, 2007

MySpace claims to have replaced MTV

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

In an interview in Der Spiegel, social media site MySpace‘s co-founder Tom Anderson says:

I think we have replaced MTV. MySpace is more convenient. You can search for things, while MTV is just delivering things to you. On MySpace you can pick your own channel and go where you want. That’s why TV viewership is dropping among the MySpace generation.

MySpace currently has 140 million members.
Anderson’s statement follows speculations that MTV might cancel their flagship show ”Total Request Live” due to a gradual decline of ratings. Total Request Live reportedly has some 300 000 viewers.
Yes, it sure is a changing world. Young people no longer want to be passive consumers of entertainment.

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januari 20th, 2007

We Media online film festival – submit video clips on "My Community"

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

iFocos has announced an online We Media film festival at the We Media conference in Miami in February. Any vlogger can participate by submitting a link to their video clip to The video clips should be about ”My Community”. The deadline for submitting is Feb. 2.
Read more at the We Media blog.

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januari 20th, 2007

Making the renaissance look like the Dark Ages

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Take a look at this guy. His name is Zak George, a 28 year old dog trainer who travels around the States and performs with his dogs, who’s learnt to catch frisbees. And, he’s got some pretty good questions for the YouTube community.

The Internet and YouTube in general are really gonna make the renaissance look like the Dark Ages. That’s the era that we’re in right now.
I’d like to know where you see the future YouTube going and how it’s going to impact the world globally.
Why do you tube?

Not everyone seems to take him seriously though, judging from a majority of the 3000+ comments his video has got. But there are people taking him seriously enough. There are 20 video replies, and a discussion – and quite a bit of ridiculing – going on over at YouTube.

On the same theme, Stephanie Kinnear at Pasadena weekly writes:

We are entering a new era of citizen involvement. Think of it as a high-tech Neighborhood Watch. Kids with obscenely expensive cell phones are looking out for the little guy, and that’s a good thing.

(via Social Media)

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januari 19th, 2007 announces award to best video clip

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Swedish YouTube clone has announced that they will award the best video clip with Guldbubblan (the golden bubble, a parallel to Swedish movie award Guldbaggen, the golden beetle).
From the Bubblare blog (my translation):

Guldbaggen and other film and tv awards disregard online video, despite its big share in many peoples film consumption. That’s why has introduced an award for those who make their own online videos.

Bubblare presents five nominees, all of them videos uploaded to during 2006. Clips to be considered for upcoming Guldbubblan need to be produced in Sweden, internet format, creative and entertaining, viral. And, of course, uploaded to

The award will be presented during the Guldbaggen ceremony – but outside the building. Now how’s that for symbolism…!

(via BetaAlfa)

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januari 16th, 2007

Joost: The project formerly known as Venice

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Joost screenshot provided by Joost

Funny, I really liked the name ”The Venice Project”. Oh well. Today they announced they’re Joost. And they’re opening up for a bunch of new beta applications.

What Joost is is basically tv on demand with interactive features. You can browse through the different channels while a program is running in the background, you can chat with other viewers (someone will have to explain the idea of the chat to me though – the way I get it you chat with other people watching the same program, but since it’s on demand you won’t be seeing the same things at the same time…?), add a ticker for any RSS feed you like, and some other stuff.

I’ve been trying the service out for a while, and apart from content that doesn’t really excite me, it looks promising. The content issue isn’t really an issue at this stage, though they’ll of course need better material when they get off beta.

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januari 10th, 2007

Swedish Digg clone Digga adds video support

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Digga.seDigga, one of the Swedish Digg clones, recently redesigned their site. Just like Digg did recently, they are now also adding support for video clips, allowing users to import video from 15 different sites. Each video site supported has a custom tag at Digga, for instance a YouTube clip is included by writing <youtube>dMH0bHeiRNg</youtube> if the clip id is dMH0bHeiRNg. They’ll end up having to invent new tags for every new video site, I guess, but I’m not sure it’s a problem.
Already a video clip post has made it to the top of Digga’s front page.

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januari 7th, 2007

Yet another YouTube clone in Sweden

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Ladda upp tvThey are popping up with increasing frequenzy, the Swedish answers to YouTube. Not long after FejmTv, which quickly became a success, and Aftonbladet’s Klipptoppen, MTG-owned ZTV joins the trend with ”Ladda upp tv” (upload tv). The difference between ”Ladda upp tv” and for instance FejmTv will be the focus on young talent, says ZTV CEO Caroline Karlsson to Dagens Media (my translation).

Uploaded clips that are good enough will be shown on tv.
Web and tv becomes one, that’s the future and the question is more about which medium fits which material the best. For our target audience, the internet is an important medium.

Ladda upp tv is pretty much all over the beta version of ZTV’s new site, the full version of which will launch in 38 days.
ZTV also has a video casting for people who want a job at the tv channel. They encourage you to send in your video clip applying for the job. Notably, one of the competitors, Ola Lustig, is also one of the finalists for Aftonbladet TV7‘s weather presenter job. Yep, there’s definitely a future in tv for this guy, somewhere or other.

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januari 3rd, 2007

Business Week on vlogging and citizen journalism

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom has a long piece on ”vlogging, citizen journalism, and other facets of the online video phenomenon”. Long live the net video revolution, the article writer Catherine Holahan exclaims.
The article brings up vlogging in Iraq, video watching statistics in the US, political vlogging, personal commentary (with Rocketboom as example), ads and sponsorships.

2006 was notable not just for the sheer amount of online video but also for the quality of content that emerged. Sure, there was the torrent of porn, drunk college kids dancing, and parents posting cute videos of their kids. But there was also footage of the Mount Lebanon Hotel bombing, blogs highlighting environmental issues, video commentary on news and politics, and new made-for-online broadcast shows. More than ever, Internet video provided a platform for new voices and perspectives, giving even amateur filmmakers entrée to mass audiences traditionally garnered by established media outlets.

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