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november 30th, 2006

Oscar Swartz to set up citizen journalism wiki

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Today free speech-activist Oscar Swartz writes that he is to set up a ”structure” for citizen journalism about free communication, immaterial rights and surveillance in Berlin and Stockholm. Swartz recently received a II-stiftelsen grant of SEK 150 000 to expand his blog and start a wiki for ground-breaking citizen journalism. He doesn’t reveal the exact details of this structure, but has earlier stated that the result will be ”a journalistic think-tank working with Open Source ideology as a base”.
Like me, Swartz met with Dan Gillmor Friday, and he took the opportunity to ask for his thoughts on the project. Somewhat surprisingly, Gillmor thought traditional journalism might work better for this field, but if they succeed they’d be pioneers. The key would be to break the work down into smaller tasks, Gillmor said according to Swartz.

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november 30th, 2006

Information overload? Not when RSS readers get smarter

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

A new service aims to take the stress out of RSS reading. It’s easy to sign up for more feeds than you have time to read. In comes Blastfeed, a keyword based filter that sorts out what you’re really interested in in all the feeds you’re subscribing to.
You can use for instance your bloglines blog list, since the service is OPML based, writes Beta Alfa 2.0.

I certainly subscribe to more RSS feeds than I read, nulling them from time to time to get a fresh start. I’ll check out Blastfeed and see how it works for me. My guess is that the keyword based search is a first step towards more intelligent filtering, where you can weight different keywords and have multiple channels for your searches.

The site is in beta, but Steve Rubel has 100 invites to give away, and says you’re welcome to email him.

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