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januari 19th, 2007

"Money could bridge the gap between blogging and journalism"

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Lisa Sabater at the Daily Gotham poses a question. What do we need to turn blogging into real citizen journalism? She’s asking the readers of her blog for an answer, and the replies are stating one thing to be the main factor: money.

Money for tools (computer equipment, voice recorders, cameras etc), and for time – investigative journalism takes time. None seems to worry about lacking journalistic training.

Though the first thought that struck me was ”do we want to turn blogging into journalism?”. Blogging isn’t journalism, though it can be. It’s merely a platform, how you use it is up to you as a blogger. And it should be.
I wouldn’t want all blogs to be ”just” journalism. The opinionated, wild stuff is part of what makes a blog a blog. But I do know what Sabater is getting at.
These are the questions she’s been asked to answer, in preparation for a talk at Harvard.

If we believe in an informed and engaged citizenry, what does that require? What skills and information do citizens need? What is important political information that bloggers and other new media types can provide that isn’t currently being available or accessible? What is essential political information for a citizen in the new era? Is there such a thing?

The important thing here is numbers, I think. A blogger on his or her own is pretty powerless, but we come in numbers. And the collective skills are powerful, as is the contact base. Bloggers can be watchdogs. Through collaboration they can investigate – if each devotes a little time, and contributes his/her skills.

What is needed, then? The same possibilities for insight into companies, parties, government bodies etc as journalists have. Open up the press conferences to bloggers, publish how-to’s to the public on how to search for information in public documents and databases, create a blogger knowledge database where bloggers can find other bloggers who are experts in a specific area and are volunteering to help out.

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januari 19th, 2007 announces award to best video clip

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Swedish YouTube clone has announced that they will award the best video clip with Guldbubblan (the golden bubble, a parallel to Swedish movie award Guldbaggen, the golden beetle).
From the Bubblare blog (my translation):

Guldbaggen and other film and tv awards disregard online video, despite its big share in many peoples film consumption. That’s why has introduced an award for those who make their own online videos.

Bubblare presents five nominees, all of them videos uploaded to during 2006. Clips to be considered for upcoming Guldbubblan need to be produced in Sweden, internet format, creative and entertaining, viral. And, of course, uploaded to

The award will be presented during the Guldbaggen ceremony – but outside the building. Now how’s that for symbolism…!

(via BetaAlfa)

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januari 19th, 2007

Media shift and the new blog portal

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

After a few hectic days at work, I am far behind both blogging and reading blogs. One reason is pretty exciting though. Yesterday celebrated being the largest news medium in Sweden, which we celebrated with a seminar and party.
Yes, the web edition is larger than the paper edition, and larger than Metro (measured in number of readers per day). That’s a significant shift. And a tremendous challenge for me and my colleagues. And I think that providing tools for our readers to become participants is essential if we’re to stay in the lead.

The other exciting thing at work is the re-launch of Bloggportalen, Aftonbladet’s blog portal site which no longer is simply a catalogue. The new version has a number of new features, including a toplist of most linked-to blog posts, blogs and news stories, local editions with maps of where the bloggers live, and the most recent blog posts displayed in each category. From my perspective, it will be a great tool for finding related links from the blogosphere to news stories, and also to find fresh ideas of what to pick up at Läsarbladet, where I frequently link to blogs and blog posts.

Sigge has all the details, though in Swedish.

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