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januari 29th, 2007

Revenue sharing at YouTube in a few months time

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley announced Saturday at the World Economic Forum that they will start sharing revenues for original work.

We are getting an audience large enough where we have an opportunity to support creativity, to foster creativity through sharing revenue with our users. So in the coming months, we are going to be opening that up.

Nicholas Carr at Rough Type points to other reasons than supporting creativity possibly being behind the move.

This is a smart strategic move on YouTube’s part. It’s an even smarter move on Google’s part. As for the users: Don’t quit your day jobs, guys. The money’s in aggregation.

So far, no details have been announced as to how the revenue sharing will work. I4U News points out the gray-zone of what is original work, for instance lip-sync videos.

If you get paid for something you definitely need to have your copyrights in order.

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januari 29th, 2007

Stockholm Film Festival goes MySpace

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

As a way of reaching new groups and awakening their interest, Stockholm International Film Festival has created a MySpace account. On their MySpace page they will feature unique interviews with some of the festival’s directors.

In a press release, speaksperson Elisabeth Somp writes (my translation):

The use of new platforms for information is a logical step in Stockholm Film Festival’s ambition to spread knowledge about and inspire communication around film. Myspace is one of the most visited web services in the world, where members can build networks and meet others with the same interests from around the world.

Currently the page shows clips from last year’s festival.

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januari 2007
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