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november 12th, 2009

Thinkpublic – designing with people

Posted by Gitta Wilen

Ella Britton at Geek Girl Meetup
Ella Britton at Geek Girl Meetup #2. Photo: Lotta Holmström.

Thinkpublic are an agency focused on using design to improve service experiences in the public sector. Their methods include social anthropological research, design, film and workshops.
Ella Britton presented their work at the Geek Girl Meetup #2 in Stockholm, Sweden, 24–25 October 2009.

Ella Britton talked about social innovation through user involvement in the public sector.
The process of involving the service users and the service providers is as important as the actual result. A simple solution can solve a big problem. It is great to be listened to. To be able to share and learn.
– We are using a process of discovering and diagnosing the problem, and then co designing the solution. That co designing methodology is Thinkpublic leaders in, Ella says.

Brit Stakston at JMW Kommunikation did an interview for Citizen Media Watch. Watch Ella Briton talk about their method, the process and their key success factors:

Citizen Media Watch wants to thank Brit Stakston for grabbing the opportunity to have a conversation with Ella Britton, even though we ended up on the pavement and all the noise from the street.

Geek Girl Meetup 09
Brit Stakston at the Geek Girl Meetup #2. Film and photo: Gitta Wilén.

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