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december 5th, 2020

Collective Agreement Malaysia News

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In Canada, Richmond store employees have been locked out for more than 8 months due to a collective dispute between their union The Teamsters and local management. UNI plays a role in the conflict, but no solution has yet been found. In Turkey, a plan to strengthen relations between local management and the Koop-Is trade union and to fully implement workers` rights for union membership and collective bargaining at the local and global level is still being discussed. Due to the limited scope of Covid Act 19, employers who are parties to a collective agreement are required to fall back on Section 56 of the IRA in 1967 in order to alleviate ”special circumstances.” This was illustrated in RIH Management Sdn Bhd v National Union of Hotel, Bar – Restaurant Workers, Peninsular Malaysia [2000] 3 MELR 545, where the Industry Court recognized that the company`s financial losses to Japanese encephalitis (”J” epidemic” represented ”special circumstances” justifying non-compliance with the terms of the collective agreement for the granting of an annual increase in union workers. This would mean that if the parties were not bound by a collective agreement, they would have virtually no legislative recourse. Malaysian workers celebrate this week after IKEA-Malaysia signed its first collective agreement with a union. IKANO Pte Ltd, which owns and operates IKEA subsidiaries in the Southeast Asian country, signed the contract with the employees` union on 30 December. After nearly a year of marathon negotiations, NUTEAIW successfully negotiated an 8.5 percent pay increase for 950 union members. The collective agreement also includes other benefits such as meal allowance for overtime, canteen allowance and medical benefits for workers and direct family members. ”This has taken away workers` basic social protection for many years, and the only way is to give immediate recognition to the union to negotiate a collective agreement.

June 3, 2019On April 30, 2019, the National Union of Transport Equipment – Allied Industries Workers (NUTEAIW) signed the tenth collective agreement with Denso Malaysia, Malaysia`s largest automotive component manufacturer with 1,365 employees. The agreement, valid for three years, includes recognition of the union as an exclusive bargaining body, leave for trade union activities, paternity leave, ikea goods rebate, child care leave and personal hospitalization.

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