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december 12th, 2020

Matlab License Agreement

Posted by lotta

1. Does the university have a campus license for MathWorks – MATLAB Software? Yes, yes. The university has acquired the campus-wide MATLAB Total Academic Headcount (TAH) site license. This is not an indeterminate license, it is an annual subscription term license that must be activated each year to continue using the software covered by this license. Users who already have active licenses have been categorized as grandfather and already have access to MathWorks` latest and largest software. They will have nothing to do until next year, when they will have to update their campus license to the annual extension. To continue using MATLAB until you purchase the TAH license, you must select the Cancel button to avoid deactivation. If you select the Turn off button and click, MATLAB will be disabled and you won`t be able to open MATLAB until it`s reactivated. No.

Any software acquired and covered by the TAH agreement cannot be used for administrative or operational purposes of the university or hospital. The university has five licensing options for simultaneous use: the following products are NOT included in our MATLAB TAH site licensing agreement, as they are intended only for commercial purposes. If you have a request for any of these products, please send your application to individual users or departments that need licenses for concomitant use – developed for work-sharing stations with continuous access to the university network, such as. B computer labs – must carry out this investigation, which will be transmitted to OSL. OSL generates a license file based on the information provided and emailed to the responsible party identified in the investigation. The license disappears from the license center and, when the validation is activated, you will receive the ”Necessary Deactivation” message under the next check, which would be within 30 days. The use of the search is not allowed. Authorized users of the classroom license may also include visiting teachers and contractors exclusively for classroom instruction or classroom preparation. The MATLAB TAH Classroom license must NOT be installed on personally owned or leased computers. Students, staff and teachers at the Asia campus are NOT allowed to install or use this software under this licensing agreement.

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