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december 16th, 2020

Safe Custody Agreement

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Article 7:601 Preservation costs, costs and damages – 1. Where the holder of the safe has entered into a conservatory custody contract in the course of his professional activity or activity, the depositor must pay him compensation (childcare costs) for his benefits. – 2. Where compensation is due, but the amount has not been set by the parties, the applicant must pay the usual child care costs that must be calculated in general or, if these fees are not available, reasonable child care costs. – 3. The depositor must compensate the custodian for the cost of preserving the property, as long as it is not already included in the custody costs, and must compensate for the damage suffered by the holder of the safe as a result of the preservation of the property. As part of the open security depository, the bank ensures that valuable assets (including bonds and savings bonds issued by the bank for individual customers) are kept separate from the bank`s valuables and return them safely after the bank guarantee contract is terminated. Customers have unlimited access to a safe during the opening hours of the after-sales service. Access to a corporation`s safe is granted to the legal entity on the basis of the appropriate custody/mandate service for the preservation of species, securities, precious metals, precious stones and semi-precious stones, other valuables and documents. Article 7:609 Responsibility of a hotel owner – 1. The hotelier is responsible in the same way as a safe for property damage or loss of property that is transported to the hotel by a guest who has settled there. – 2.

The hotelier is not responsible for the behaviour of the persons who were brought or invited to the hotel by the guest himself, nor for the property damage caused to the hotel by the guest. – 3. the hotelier has a right of retention in relation to the property referred to in paragraph 1 for all his claims against the client up to the accommodation, catering, drinks and services provided as a hotelier. Article 7:608 Effect of the Conservatory Custody Agreement on Third Party Responsibility – 1. Where a sub-conservative is held non-contractually liable by the holder of the safe for damages related to the property, he is not liable to the safe custodian to a greater extent than he would have been as a consideration of the depositor under the conservation agreement between the depositor and the depositor. – 2. Where a custodian is held liable, on a non-contractual basis, for damages related to property by a third party who is not the depositor, he is not held liable, in his relationship with the safe-haven and the depositor, to a measure other than what he would have been as a consideration of the depositor under the deposit contract between the depositor and the custodian. – 3. When a sub-publisher is held responsible by such a third party, it is not held liable in its relationship with the safe and with the depositor to a greater extent than it would have been as a custodian in accordance with the previous paragraph. – 4. The above paragraphs cannot be invoked by a safe holder or a sub-conservative who, when he entered into the agreement to receive the assets, knew or reforested that his counterparty did not have the power to give him the property as a security deposit in the context of the relationship between that consideration and the person for whom he is liable. Customers can store their valuables with the JSC graft bank`s open safe service.

The name of the JSC graft bank subdivision accepts the following elements for safe conservation:

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