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april 9th, 2021

Evinrude Mercury Agreement

Posted by lotta

Stopping the activity of outboard engines and signing an agreement with Mercury Marine Following our decision to stop the outboard engines E-TEC and E-TEC G2, we have signed an agreement with the leading mercury Marine for the support of boat lots and the delivery of outboard engines to our boat brands. Following BRP`s decision to shut down the outboard engines of E-TEC and E-TEC G2, the company signed an agreement with mercury Marine, the market leader, to support boat lots and deliver outboard engines to their boat brands. BRP states that they will continue to provide customers and distributors with network service parts and will take into account the manufacturer`s limited warranties, as well as selected inventory management programs. These decisions will affect 650 employees worldwide. You have to ask yourself, ”Why? Why should a competitor in each sector put on his gloves and choose to play nicely? Why should Bombardier Recreational Products and Mercury Marine be outside of a so-called ”Cease and Deist” agreement on enginesfisticuffs. Is bankruptcy falsification a reason? Will it give consumers the opportunity to buy a better product? I want to know what their real intentions are. On Wednesday, May 27, BRP announced the shutdown of its Evinrude E-Tec and E-Tec G2 outboard engines. Given that the Sturtevant Wi-Anlage is being transformed for an as-yet-unanfronted production line, BRP has entered into an agreement with Mercury Marine to continue to supply exclusively outboard engines exclusively for its boat brands – in particular Alumacraft, Manitou and its latest acquisition, the Australian manufacturer Telwater. Chris Drees, President of Mercury Marine, told Chris Drees, President of Mercury Marine: ”This agreement offers us an incredible opportunity to expand our brand in the marketplace and showcase our portfolio of award-winning outboard engines to new customers around the world.” Representatives of Mercury Marine and Evinrude Marine Group confirmed the end of an engine supply agreement with boat manufacturer Alumacraft, which was acquired at the end of June. ”We announced our decision to terminate the delivery contract one week after the news was announced at the beginning of the summer. We focused on working with our dealers during the transition, and this also offers great opportunities for other boat brands. Evinrude Marine Group was disappointed that Mercury made the decision to terminate the engine supply agreement that offered distributors and consumers a choice of products, Nando Zucchi, vice president of marketing and international business development, said in an email.

Mercury Marine shared its decision to terminate the delivery agreement, first a week after Evinrude announced it would take over Alumacraft, said Lee Gordon, Director of Global Public Relations Communications. As we have been used to saying in recent months, these are unprecedented times. And in a week when car rental company Hertz Hertz Rental Car Company files for Chapter 11, there was no surprise when Canadian BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) announced that it had signed an agreement with leading mercury Marine to supply outboard engines for its boat line, which includes brands such as Alumacraft Manitou, Quintrex, Stacer and Savage. Bill, Mercury is owned by Brunswick and Evinrude was owned by BRP. The rivalry was real. Now that Evinrude is gone, Mercury has a huge market share. I expect Mercury to start charging a little more for its product. With this announcement, BRP intends to position itself with technologically advanced solutions to strengthen its presence in the pontoon and aluminum fishing markets.

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