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april 10th, 2021

Home Daycare Agreement Contract

Posted by lotta

In signing this agreement, I understand all of [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE]` policies and procedures regarding fees, health, attendance and other items indicated in the parent-provider/registration application and the parents` manual, and agree to comply with all policies and procedures of [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS HERE NAME]. This contract is concluded on the date of registration and/or when the parent-provider/registration request is signed by both the superior and the supplier. This contract between the parent and the provider is taken into account on the last day of a 60-day communication given either by the parent, the provider, or the last day of the child`s visit [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE]. I/we know the vacation provider, sick/person days, two weeks of paid leave per year and late fees. I/we are aware that regular payment rates apply for parental leave, benefit leave, weeks of leave and sick/staff days of the provider. I/we understand that no refund of payment can be given. I/We understand that my child`s scheduled registration days cannot be changed every week. I/we understand that to register my child, a two-week non-refundable down payment is required. Contracts are legally binding agreements where two parties agree to exchange a product, service or property for compensation. Your home contract defines your responsibility as a child care provider and the responsibility of the parents to compensate you for your valuable service. Here are some things you should think about to conclude the following under this termination clause: (a) Please do not bring your child`s toy to daycare, except on some sharing/show days. As much as we try to encourage sharing, it rarely works when it is the child`s personal toy.

It only causes problems between them and the other children. (b) Don`t ask if your child can bring toys home. The toys in the daycare stay in the daycare. (c) We advise you to bring a personal item from the home with which your child can sleep if you think it helps him sleep or feel good. However, we advise you not to get used to bringing your child`s most precious possessions (their ”rabbit” or ”Blanky”) to daycare, as there is a strong possibility that there will be no space at any given time. If it is only used for naps, it is quite controlled and generally fine. However, if your child wears this item all day, it`s only a matter of time before it`s lost. We do our best to keep an overview of all children`s items and ensure their availability when picking up, but tracking children and ensuring their availability when picking up is our top priority with a very great distance. Therefore, as with shoes, when a personal object is placed, the parents [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE] decide on the responsibility of the safe return of the objects and/or the ensuing treasure hunt.

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