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september 8th, 2021

2 Year Bipartisan Budget Agreement

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A3: Total National Defense funding of $738 billion for fiscal 2020 under BBA 2019 represents real growth of 1% above its appropriate level for fiscal 2019. That`s 1.6 percent less than the $750 billion requested by the Trump administration for fiscal year 2020. However, US$7.2 billion of the amount requested has been earmarked as emergency funds for the construction of border walls. Revenue of $US 738 billion is thus between the $US 743 billion in regular defense activities (including $US 2 billion in emergency funds for hurricane relief and recovery) in fiscal 2020 demand and the $733 billion revenue previously forecast for fiscal 2020 included in the government`s fiscal 2019 budget request. It was only after the government`s 35-day ceasefire this year that lawmakers in 2019 allowed a 1.9 percent wage increase for civilian employees. Agencies only started implementing the 2019 increase in April, with retroactive effect to January 1. ”I am pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, House spokesman Nancy Pelosi, and minority House Leader Kevin McCarthy – on a two-year budget and debt cap without toxic pills,” President Trump tweeted on Monday. It also extends the debt ceiling until July 31, 2021 – additional funds will be made available for veterans` health care and other initiatives. .

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