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september 9th, 2021

Agent Ransack License Agreement

Posted by lotta

@dave I recently purchased FileLocator Pro, and the license agreement that came with it only seems to allow use on a computer by the user mentioned in the license. It does not seem to allow use on 3 machines, as you indicated. Any additional information would be much appreciated. Are your contributions the official policy of the company? To use up to 3 Windows installations per licensed named user (for example.B. work, home, laptop). It`s great, I love the Ransack agent, it`s like the first program I set up and still use to search for Thank you for this great product, and I`ll definitely look into the available donation options or the multi-user support license. A multi-user license authorizes the number of copies acquired of the SOFTWARE for use on an OSE per designated user. A multi-user license is not a competing license: each user of the SOFTWARE must be authorized individually to use the software. In situations where multiple users need to use the SOFTWARE on multiple OSS, you must purchase a license for each user or OSE, whichever is greater. Electronic Download: After successful purchase of the Pro license, a registration code is emailed to your specified email address, thus unlocking the trial version of the software. You will not receive the software on CD, a printed copy of the help files, or any other form of product manuals. The reason I ask is that I keep an up-to-date table containing a list of all the software I own or have donated for. I`m adding a link or a copy of the end user license agreement for this app.

The Ransack agent is a great application. I plan to buy FileLocater Pro. Thank you! A single user license authorizes one copy of the SOFTWARE for use on an OSE by a single user. It does not allow the use of the software by anyone other than the individual licensees mentioned. I want to use Agent Ransack at work. Does the license allow the ransack agent to be used in a commercial environment? As mentioned above, our legal department is always interested in embedded open source components so that they can check the corresponding license agreements. —- excerpt from the license text, from C:Program FilesMythicsoftFileLocator Prolicense.txt Dave – I want to be a support/subscriber (I am a light user), but I want the associated email address to be different from my current one. I don`t see a ”Login” link (or a ”user profile” link). Can you tell me, please? Or do I just need to purchase the support license and save the new email to it (I prefer not to interrupt the link with my current user information).) ? Example of a multi-user license: Ten users using the SOFTWARE out of twenty OSEs need twenty licenses. Ten users who use the software out of five OSS need ten licenses. A user who uses the software on fifty OSEs needs fifty licenses.

Thank you for all your efforts to get this great tool. I recommend it to everyone and I bought a pro license to show my support. FileLocator Pro: Thank you, it`s really nice to hear. Unfortunately, the folder exclusion feature is still only in the pro version. I will make sure that your voice is added to include this feature in the next version. Now that I have cleansed my soul, I have a comment/suggestion. I have a database of digital documents that I have collected for many years, containing the supporting secondary files for each document, especially HTML documents. I have literally hundreds of millions of files, including helper files, use two search programs, one that indexes all files (a weekly task) and provides very fast search results, and yours…

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