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oktober 10th, 2021

Tcdsb Collective Agreement Occasional Teachers

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(b) in cases where there are no qualified teachers on the LTO list and the board of directors has fulfilled its obligations under Regulation 274, the board of directors may outsource positions; a) District education authorities continue to monitor the size of the LTO list to ensure that a sufficient number of teachers are on the list to fill positions. As in the past, ETFO will take appropriate action in the event of a breach of the terms of local collective agreements. Under the regulation, school authorities must establish and maintain two lists of occasional teachers: an occasional teacher can apply to be enrolled once on the LTO list: for example, there are allegations that the use of seniority has a negative impact on the recruitment process. However, we know that under the regulation, casual teachers can only apply to be added to the LTO list if they have the necessary experience. As soon as they are on the LTO list, only teachers with the qualifications required for the available position are interviewed.2 During the verification carried out by Directions, no case was found where a casual teacher was recruited for a position for which he was not qualified. The principle of seniority is at the heart of ensuring fairness in unionized companies. It gives workers some degree of control over their employer`s hiring decisions that might otherwise be based on favoritism or discrimination. ETFO believes that the role of seniority in the recruitment process is unfairly targeted in the regulation and believes that seniority is an important part of establishing and maintaining a fair and transparent method of hiring teachers. Boards are required to interview five occasional teachers from the LTO list who have agreed to be interviewed and who have both the required qualifications and the highest seniority ranking. The government has indicated that the objective of Ontario Regulation 274/12 is to ”promote a consistent, transparent and fair recruitment process for long-term and tenured casual teachers.” 1 As part of the 2012 ETFO Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Collective Bargaining, the Ministry of Education commissioned independent researchers to study the implementation and impact of Ontario`s 274/12 regulation. The Regulation provides that only occasional teachers who have completed at least four months of LTO use and who possess both the required qualifications and the highest seniority rank may be considered for tenure.

The report was released in November 2014, noting that Regulation 274, if effectively implemented by school authorities, has led to a more consistent, transparent and fair hiring process for Ontario`s trial teachers. The report also dispelled a number of imprecise assertions about the regulation. If the candidates interviewed refuse the task, the Board of Directors is required to publish a vacancy notice for the position of occasional professor on the LTO list and to interview a selection of qualified candidates. If interviewed candidates refuse the position, the board of directors is required to publish a vacancy notice for occasional teachers on the list and interview a selection of qualified candidates. . . .

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