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november 15th, 2008

Mia Rose: Portray yourself with your true colours

Posted by Gitta Wilen

Mia Rose, interviewed by Citizen Media WatchMia Rose is a YouTube-made star, a true child of the new music industry. She’s the most subscribed to and most viewed artist in Great Britain on YouTube, and her story started with a cheap camera and some great talent. If you haven’t heard of her, you can check out her name in the upcoming Ryman events.

Urged on by her friends, she started to upload video clips of herself. People noticed her, and pretty soon the clips were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. Today she’s got a record deal and is travelling the world. And she still uses YouTube for reaching out to her supporters.
– It’s so different, so innovative to be able to use your camera to talk to the fans, she tells Citizen Media Watch as we meet her in Stockholm where she’s just performed at SIME.

We thought it would be interesting to hear what advice she has for others wanting to build a career through self-publication in citizen media.
– Be very honest about yourself. Portray yourself with your true colours, so that in a few years time people don’t say ”wait a second, in the beginning you were like this, and now you’re like this”. Enjoy what you’re doing. Because if you don’t enjoy it, they won’t enjoy it, she says.
When recording her videos Mia Rose thinks about what she would like her idol to say, if she had one.
– I put myself in the position of the people watching me. If I had an idol, that’s how I’d like her to interact with me.

We asked if house concerts – having fans invite you to their living room and bring other fans over – which is something that for instance Vienna Teng has done quite a bit of, might not be something for Mia Rose. A YouTube star should be close to her audience in real life too. And sure enough, she’s planning something similar.
– I was presented with the Mia Rose strategy, it’s the strategy that I’m gonna adhere to. It’s awesome, you’re in for a lot of really exciting stuff. Inside it we have a plan to do a Mia Rose lounge thing, something more personal, not a lot of fans. They’ll just chill out on pillows and watch. It’s gonna be really cool.
The lounge gigs will also appear on the web, in a new website that Mia’s management is planning. There you’ll find everything related to her in one space.

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Here’s the full nine minute interview. It also contains bits about her future plans, and – she’s a geek!

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