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november 27th, 2008

Are status updates on social media sites a form of microblogging?

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

Microblogging services like Jaiku or Twitter, which recently passed its 1 billionth tweet (via Media Culpa), are immensely popular, and some even say they’ll completely take over from regular blogs.

But what is the definition of a microblogging service? Does it need to be focused/dedicated to microblogging, or can it be a social media site having a microblogging component? The question arose at SIME, where Andie Nordgren posed a question from the audience: Is Facebook the world’s largest microblogging service?
Net Jacobsson, Director of International Business Development at Facebook, hasn’t thought of status updates as microblogging, and I guess that’s quite understandable as it’s not their focus.

What do you think? Are status updates on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn a form of microblogging? On which services do you actively update your status, and what kind of information do you put there? Give us your comments!

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november 11th, 2008

SIME preparations

Posted by Lotta Holmstrom

This week it’s the yearly SIME (Scandinavian Interactive Media Event) conference here in Stockholm. Previous years I’ve found it remarkable that a conference about ”digital opportunities, technology, communication and entrepreneurship” haven’t given much thought to the audience’s want to communicate and use these ”digital opportunities” during the conference itself (no or badly working wifi, no backchannels, no bloggers invited etc). This year there seems to be a change of attitude. Citizen Media Watch is one of 14 invited bloggers who have been given Blogger Press Passes to the event. Many thanks!

This means that we’ll be covering SIME for two days – Wednesday and Thursday this week. We’ll be bambusing, taking photos, possibly live blogging, definitely microblogging, and also making a few video interviews that will appear on our channel a bit later on.

Today Gitta and I met to plan our SIME coverage. Here’s what some of it looked like.

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